Herbalife Weight Gain Package

Herbalife Weight Gain Package

Herbalife Weight Gain Package

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To increase your body lean mass you need proper guidance and with this Herbalife Weight Gain Package you can achieve every goals that you want.

This is a weightgain combo.

Getting enough calories, carbs and other nutrients can be a challenge for those people who are trying to build muscle, but thanks to these products, gain weight it was never too easy!

Package contains:

  • 2x Formula 1 Shake Mix
  • 1x Protein Drink Mix
  • 1x Protein Bars

How to use: 

Use 2 spoon of Formula 1 Shake Mix and 2 spoon of Protein Mix in 250/300ml of water/milk/juice and add it to your daily meals ( breakfast, lunch, dinner).

Protein Bars 1/2 per day for your snacks.

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